Dream 3D

Introducing Dream3D – a state-of-the-art, AI-powered 3D design tool that effortlessly breathes life into your ideas with studio-quality computer graphics.

This revolutionary platform uses text-driven commands to seamlessly weave custom 3D models into a virtual tapestry of creativity.


AI-Powered Design: Dream3D harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to create intricate, studio-quality 3D graphics. This AI capability results in quicker, more efficient design processes.

Text-Driven Commands: The platform allows users to direct and manipulate 3D models using simple, text-based commands, significantly simplifying the design process.

Custom 3D Models: Dream3D enables the creation of custom 3D models to cater to various design requirements, enhancing the uniqueness and authenticity of your creations.

Multiple Concepts and Styles: The tool is capable of processing and integrating a variety of concepts and styles simultaneously, ensuring a wide spectrum of design options for users.

Enhanced Productivity: By maintaining scene completion and eliminating repetition, Dream3D increases productivity, allowing for an efficient design workflow.

Elimination of Repetitive Tasks: The platform is designed to minimize monotonous, repetitive tasks, freeing designers to focus on the creative aspects of their work.


Another week, another launch! Dream3D now has text-to-3D

— tony (@_tonyfrancis) May 15, 2023



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