Graphy AI

Make slick, interactive data visualizations with a free chart-maker tool — no log-in required.


Create the quickest way to make stunning and interactive charts.

Start with what you want to build and let us showcase your idea in a sample visualization with the perfect chart type and title.

A chart only tells part of the story. Use Graphy AI’s suggestions to capture the most important insights from your data.

It’s designed to handle a significant amount of data and has been tested to support that.

The world’s fastest and easiest tool to create charts.


Introducing Graphy #AI, now in #beta! ????

We’re on a mission to create the quickest way to make stunning and interactive charts. Graphy AI takes that to a new level, making that experience easier and more delightful than ever.

Try it today →

— Graphy (@GraphyHQ) May 22, 2023

Use Case:

Being an Indie Founder is a roller-coaster ????

— the worst revenue month in 2023
— rushing with ideas to fix it

— the best revenue month in 2023
— choosing one idea & launching it successfully

If we didn’t have a “bad April”, we wouldn’t have a “good May”.

— Sveta Bay (@sveta_bay) May 24, 2023



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